Press Reviews

A gracious space at Woodstock

“The second half comprised Mozart's Davide Penitente, ... Ilona Revolskaya, (soprano) in her aria ..the faith I cherish from earth ... sang the words with great feeling and pin-sharp tone ... hitting the top notes unerringly in the coloratura passages. The choir backed up the soloists nobly.“

Andrew Bell, Daily Info July 9 2018

Faure: Requiem

“But it was really the choir that stole the show here; from the opening Requiem aeternam right through to the gorgeous In Paradisum, this was a gem of a performance, underpinned by sensitive support from the orchestra.“

Nicola Lisle, Oxford Times July 2012

Corelli: Christmas Concerto

“With Isobel Rowland and Gill Davis (violins) and Alison Ingram (cello) providing strong leadership, this was a wonderful performance, with that Pastorale given a particularly fluid and heartfelt rendition.“

Nicola Lisle, Oxford Times December 2011

Elgar: The Banner of St George

“ Under Paul Ingram’s energetic baton, both chorus and orchestra attacked the piece with gusto, capturing the varying moods eloquently and with great warmth… this was a really gutsy performance — one of the best I’ve heard from this choir. “

Nicola Lisle, Oxford Times July 2010

Bach: B-minor Mass

“…continues to go from strength to strength, as Friday’s performance of Bach’s technically demanding Mass in B Minor amply demonstrated. It would be easy for such a large choir to become a little ragged around the edges, but the singers fused together beautifully, making a gloriously cohesive and confident sound. ”

Nicola Lisle, Oxford Times December 2009

Tippet: Child of Our Time

“..what a stunning performance this was, packed with emotion and dramatic intensity. The spirituals were particularly stirring with the choir making full use of dynamics to give a powerful and fervent delivery.”

Nicola Lisle, Oxford Times April 2009